OTM – Online Translation Manager

OTM is online software for the management and quality assurance
of translation projects to the
ISO 9001 standard.

OTM is DIN EN 15038-certified and makes the Quality Translation Network fast and efficient. The software brings first-class organization to the entire translation process, uniformly ensuring quality in project after project. More information about OTM

Benefits for Customers

  • Web-based customer service pages:
    Project tracking and documentation,
    file upload/download, email-client, quotes, invoices, archiving...
  • No software installation required
  • 24/7 availability anywhere,
    using browser-based access
  • Data security and safe storage:
    All internet connections to OTM
    are secured via SSL/HTTPS and
    are 256bit AES encrypted
  • Intuitive, process-oriented navigation
  • Online help available on each page
  • Support of multiple languages

Online Translation Manager – OTM®

Your real-time interface with the Quality Translation Network

In order to empower you, the customer, with a direct and reliable connection
to your language projects, all members of the Quality Translation Network
operate with the unique Online Translation Manager (OTM).

Online Customer Portal

Optional and free of charge

You can use the OTM customer portal to place orders and track their progress online.
OTM shows you when an order was placed, confirmed, translated, proofread,
verified, finished, and made available for download. It also stores similar
archived information for completed projects. OTM Customer Service Page

OTM is dependable, storing all the information relevant to a project in
a centralized database where it can be reached at any time, anywhere in the world.



High Data Security

High Data Security

OTM is secure, protecting data transfer and communication through 256-bit SSL encryption. Finished projects are downloaded directly from the OTM database, providing you with maximum security at all times.




Quality Assurance and Quality Assessment

Quality Assurance and Quality AssessmentOTM includes control modules to ensure the quality of your language projects. Quality is checked according formal and linguistic criteria at several check points in the workflow to avoid the common mistakes that can mar high quality. For more information about the network's quality management, please click here.


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