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All members process your projects with the
DIN EN 15038-certified
state-of-the-art software
OTM® – Online Translation Manager.


Best practice

All members operate in 100% compliance with
the international ISO 9001 standard.

Formal quality check

Observance of the customer's guidelines

Meeting the completion date


Document formatting

Linguistic quality check




Terminology / Wording




Quality of service

Quick response

Efficient communication

Information flow



Reasonable commercial conduct

Data and information security



is a preventive measure and refers to the practice of systematically planning the course of actions to be followed throughout the process, thereby reducing potential systematic sources of error to the greatest extent possible.

The quality assurance guidelines are implemented in the network's quality management system and are automatically cross-checked at relevant points of the translation process.


is a curative measure and refers to the practice of measuring the actual performance against the pre-determined quality standards and procedures to find out any errors.

Several quality assessment checkpoints are implemented in the network's quality management system. Formal quality characteristics are checked and evaluated before delivering the document to the customer. Linguistic quality assessments can be carried out at any relevant point of the translation process for random or scheduled tests.


Evaluating all (formal and linguistic) quality assessment results leads to reliable and detailed reports about resources working in the network. Analyzing the results and constantly eliminating errors improves the overall quality delivered
by the network.

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