Quality Translation Network

Only member companies
and translators of the
Quality Translation Network
are admitted to publish
the QTN logo.


Fair Play!

All members of the QTN - LSP companies, language professionals and as well the staff of LSP.net - agree to a code of conduct. Trustful cooperation is required to reach the shared objectives.

Quality Translation Network


Global Translation

The Quality Translation Network consists of independent Language Service Provider
companies with a large number of experienced language professionals.

All members aim at one goal: To improve the
quality of language services.




Quick Response, Quality, Accuracy, Data Security and Service

The Quality Translation Network provides 100% ISO 9001 compliant services [?] including all necessary key features customers are looking for.




ISO 9001 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). For businesses, the widespread adoption of International Standards means that suppliers can develop and offer products and services meeting specifications that have wide international acceptance in their sectors.

Online Translation Manager

Online Translation Manager

The operator company (LSP.net) supplies the
network with the unique online software
OTM® (Online Translation Manager).

OTM is the completely online-based software for dependable and secure management of translation projects, exclusively designed for the language industry.


"LSP", "OTM" and "Quality Translation Network" are registered trademarks of LSP.net Holding GmbH!